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foxy foxies

2013-04-14 20:37:08 by joslopez99

Hahahahahahaha foxy foxies and any emo or Goth or punk people txt me ages 15-22 boys or girls

txt me or call me

2012-01-08 19:27:45 by joslopez99


and i am still going to kill my self
(btw my cell is off i will pay for it on te 5th of february]

fuck the world

2011-12-06 17:50:08 by joslopez99

i am going to shoot my head at 4/3/11[the day we started going out]

good bye and good bye Kacey my love. i know you do not love me no more but bye Kacey

hear is my friend code and Pokemon i use a lot


Code: 2966 8591 9747

Pokemon: lv.69 Zoroark , lv. 68 Smaurtt , lv 71 krookodile ,lv 74 Emoboar ,lv 75 Hydreaion ,and my starter lv. 80 Serperior

my ps3 User name is THE DEVIL

Games:a lot XD

so if you what to play on line just ask me

heart broken

2011-10-08 17:29:28 by joslopez99

i wish i can die my love the 1 who i am in love with heats me now i cant live with out her i am going to kill my seaf on oct . 20th


2011-09-23 09:01:08 by joslopez99

just say hello , hey or hi

lol i am so going to hell

dragon ball z

2011-08-10 01:00:49 by joslopez99

DANCEN PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-05-08 23:12:34 by joslopez99

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rubiks cube

2011-04-26 19:27:09 by joslopez99